50,663 reported Dead in Europe from COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction as of 25th February 2023

Dolores Cahill: Law versus legal: ‘Trial by Jury’ (Part 7):

Everyone in Law has a Duty & Obligation to Prevent Harm & Death: Physicians, Coroners, Constables, Regulators, Justices etc:

European Medicines Agency reported on 25th February 2023:
5,315,063 COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions &

50, 663 Dead

(Deepest sympathies 💞)

Why are ‘COVID-19’ injections not stopped?

The answer: Understanding Law versus legal:

In Law, a ‘Trial by Jury’ investigates whether the ‘COVID-19 injection’ caused/contributed to the Death & the Jury’s Verdict can stop the Clinical Trial to prevent further Deaths.

All are innocent until proven guilty

WHY is this NOT stopped?

Legal:   The “legal system” deals only with non-living/dead entities/’corporations’ that are not alive & cannot be harmed/die.


The Law: Lawful ‘Trial by Jury’ assessing Harm/Death

As of 25th February 2023, sadly 5,315,063 COVID-19 injection/vaccine adverse reactions
50, 663 Dead.

50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions