Law versus legal: Maui, Hawaii (Part 3)

Dolores Cahill: Law versus legal:
Maui, Hawaii (Part 3):

All are innocent until proven Guilty:

Fraud unravels All:

No time limit on Fraud:

Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse:

Act in Honour & Do no Harm:

Men & Women are accountable for their Actions:

This video is of a car surrounded by gravel in an open space & aluminium & metals of the car are burnt, requiring a temperature of 1200 degrees.

This video had over 800,000 views in the first day by an Estate Agent, Eric who is doing wonderful work recording the aftermath of the fires in Lahaina & interviewing those who are giving Eye Witness accounts & evidence:

The last section of the video discusses the Law & the accountability of men & women:

There are Eye Witness accounts & video evidence from many sources regarding whether there were emergency systems &/or were they working/coordinated as they should in the event of an emergency, such as:
water, electricity, mobile & communications, siren systems, radio/news, role/coordination of emergency services & helping People’s to escape during the emergency & afterwards ensuring their Lawful access to their property, land & homes:

It brings into question how our Systems work & are managed:

This allows the opportunity for Communities to assess & improve on their Emergency services locally, regionally & Nationally.

In the time to come, the People of Maui can work together to investigate the Lawful Authority & Jurisdiction & Employment status, Undisclosed agencies, Benefits etc of those ‘dressed up’/acting as ‘Police’/’Councillors’/etc

People of Maui & Hawaii & worldwide can learn & use the Law to protect & defend all they love & cherish ๐Ÿ’ž

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