Maui, Hawaii (Part 4) Robert Brame, Arborist

Dolores Cahill: Law versus legal:
Maui, Hawaii (Part 4):

Robert Brame, Arborist, on Maui & California fires where houses are burnt to white ash yet trees nearby are not burnt:

‘All the materials that didn’t burn, should have  & all the materials that did burn, shouldn’t have.’

Trees are NOT burnt:
Trees burn at temperature of 1400°degrees:
Homes, buildings, cars need a higher temperatures, such as:
Car windows: 2500°
Rim/Alloy Car Wheels: 1221°

Carbon burns black ash &  Metals leave white ash:


Microwave based burning of Metal- both ferrous & non-ferrous (Aluminium):

Law holds People accountable to protect all we love & cherish💞

All are innocent until proven Guilty:

Fraud unravels All:

No time limit on Fraud:

Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse:

Act in Honour & Do no Harm:

Men & Women are accountable for their Actions & Omissions:

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