‘What now?’ Series (Part 1): & Update: September 2023

Dolores Cahill: ‘What now?’ Series (Part 1): & Update: September 2023:

This ‘Academy of Ideas’ ‘After Skool’ video on ‘A Killing of the Mind’ (12 mins) explains, with references, how the propaganda & destruction of society works. And importantly, how to prevent it working in future by creating new & competing Enterprises & Community Structures to dismantle Tyranny through Competition using Structures & Enterprises:

Also this video & series are useful for loved ones becoming ‘aware’ of the manipulations etc in order to gently provide them with evidence & information to ask more questions & to do their own research:

Update: September 2023:

As detailed in the Solutions section at the end of this video, together with many other volunteers, for years now, we have been working on creating Enterprise Networks & local Community Structures.

We are working on Informing, raising Awareness, developing Pilot initiatives & Using/Developing Business Models for creating Community Networks, Entrepreneurs & Enterprises supporting Sovereignty nationally & networked internationally & applicable worldwide:

You can support us, by becoming customers/clients of these local Communities/Enterprises, which is vitally important to us:
& or
You can consider the Enterprise/Entrepreneurial aspects – although we recognise this will not be for everyone!

This video explains the mental & physical effects of the Rollercoaster of Lies, Fear, Coercion & Lawlessness in the past years & helps answer:

(i) what has been going on:
(ii) how the propaganda & manipulation works:
(iii) solutions including how to ‘break the spell’ &
(iv) solutions such as building alternative structures, enterprises & communities to prevent & stop future coercion/tyranny:

As described in this video, creating Structures & Enterprises to COMPETE is important:

YOUR role as a consumer is also vitally important:

Your decisions on where to spend your purchasing power, your time & energy now is also crucial & to consider options you have, such as to:
(i) make active decisions for yourself & your loved ones, to get healthier, improve your water source, grow food, buy food locally, engage locally in your community, volunteer & help others:

(ii) take time to review how & where you use your purchasing power, considering perhaps to change to support local businesses, post offices, farmers, restaurants, hair dressers, media, mechanics, plumbers, hotels etc

(iii) think bigger: consider supporting & building freedom loving enterprises in education, care homes, health centres, food businesses, water etc:

With many others, together, we are now developing/expanding Community structures & pilot initiatives:

I have come back from meetings & lectures in Sweden & Denmark. With international collaborators, we will have meetings across Ireland from 17th September to 25th September 2023 on Water Awareness & Enterprise & also on the local Community Structures:
From October 2023, we will be building the Enterprise & Community Network in Britain & internationally:

We welcome support from those interested in developing Community Structures & Enterprises & I am starting with Water Awareness:

Our intention is to connect with local groups, communities & volunteers:

We realise the importance of your support. We recognise the Courage it takes to Volunteer, to provide a Venue & develop Community structures & Enterprises:

We recognise Volunteering, being Entrepreneurial & creating Enterprises & local Communities is not for everyone:

If you are interested, we welcome you. Our aim is to connect, network, develop & support you & existing/developing Communities & Enterprises interests, such as Health Hubs, Food, Education, Property, Media, Travel, Hotels, Lawful ‘Trial by Jury’ etc

We recognise & thank those with the Courage to support & join this initial phase as Volunteers, Communities, Enterprises & Venues:

Email to connect: 💞

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