Break the Spell – Part 1

Awaken with JP ‘Where did all the ‘Trust the Science’ People go?

with Prof. Dolores Cahill

This is an excellent question & JP’s video that gets to the heart of the lies, fake empathy, ‘gas lighting’, bullying, unlawful coercion, lack of care, decency, conscience, compassion, kindness & exclusion within families & with friends.

Compounded then, by the lack of discussion when masks, etc are dropped & everything is ‘inverted’, literally makes no sense ‘non-sense’, & the lack of ‘awareness’ & no analysis themselves of how ‘unprincipled’ & contradictory their statements are & how illogical their rationale, with no apology & no discussion & no critical analysis.

Understanding why this is & what is going on, is an important part of ‘Breaking the Spell’, literally ‘Waking Up’ from the ‘Trance’ & understanding & dealing with the psychological aspects, ‘hypnosis’, numbness, including NLP. (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Researching the ‘Tavistock Institute’ by Daniel Estulin is a good place to start, to learn of psychological manipulation used in ‘marketing’, media, by politicians, ‘nudge’ manipulation & psychological methods including the use of contradictory ‘messages’ (as in C-19) to confuse the mind to exhaustion, producing a ‘Comfortably Numb’ state (as Pink Floyd).

Understanding this is important for those not affected to analyse what is going on around us in our society, in the media, ‘politics’, ‘education’ & to take first step in making it easier to understand what is going on & re-connect with our family, friends & loved ones.

The is crucial also in the longer term aim of building our societal discussions, media & education that AVOID using it & teaches how this manipulation is done, where people ‘see’ it & renders it ineffective.

These techniques have been researched for decades & when used, those affected, their state of mind finds it hard to deal with the contradictions and internally leads to mental exhaustion leading them to ‘give up’ & go along with what they are being told to do, wear masks, isolate, social distance, etc leading to an almost ‘infantile’ or ‘child like’ or numb acceptance.

However & a rationale for their Censorship:  If those more prone to this manipulation become aware of it, it ‘breaks the trance’!

It is important to know how to do this & a good starting place is:
– humour
– questions
– hearing the Truth: which RESONATES:

Censorship Explained

When those prone to this manipulation, have it explained to them, & exactly how & what has been done to them ( when they reach that stage!), it does break the trance!

If people hear the Truth BEFORE the main manipulation campaign, of ‘Fear followed by Repetition of Contradictory Manipulation Measures’ as with my video & many others, these Psychological Manipulation Techniques are less effective or entirely not effective.

This is an important element to understand & makes how the media behaved even more responsible & accountable, as they were using these techniques.

Our loved ones who manage to escape this psychological manipulation, their minds will be more at peace, less ‘numb’, as this is a confusing & mentally exhausting place for them also 💞

Understanding this process, makes it easier for us, who are not susceptible to this manipulation, & makes it less frustrating dealing with our loved ones, families & friends.💞

JP has many good insights:
‘I am just always trying to help people by intimidating them with safe & effective Science’!

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