Constitutional Law – Call to Action

Will Keyte and Justin Walker have written an open letter to the Duke of Norfolk, who is responsible for arranging the King’s Coronation on 6th May 2023.

The letter expresses concerns about a possible constitutional crisis due to a conflict of interest if the King takes the constitutional oath that he should be taking as our sovereign.

The the taking of the constitutional oath by the monarch is required to protect the rights and freedoms given to the people by the constitution. The monarch is our sovereign and represents the people as the Head of State; our most senior public servant. By taking the constitutional oath the monarch pledges to protect the sovereignty of the people by keeping the rule of law functioning according to the constitution, which protects the ancient liberties of the people.

However, a conflict of interest will occur if the King continues to support the policies of organisations outside of this country. The King has been openly supporting the World Economic Forum, which advocates unlawful policies which will infringe on the freedoms and liberties of the people such as Digital ID and Digital Currencies.

Unless the King retracts his association with the WEF he cannot take the Constitutional Oath as it would be unlawful under the Constitution and a contradiction.

What You Can Do Right Away:

Download this letter and send it to your MP. Also send it to friends, family, and work colleagues to open up discussion about our constitution.

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