Essential Advice Regarding Your Right to Pay Cash

With many businesses opting to refuse cash now, we’d love to share this advice so you know exactly where you stand.

In “the Legal system” – which is based on commercial transactions – agreed by both parties following disclosure of the seller’s Terms & Conditions, any business demanding digital payment in lieu of cash must have this request stated in their “Terms & Conditions” document, which must be easily accessible to the public at all times.   This request must also be clearly obvious to customers as they enter the premises with adequate signage which directly quotes the relevant wording from the business’s Terms & Conditions.

However in “The Law” (which is higher than the Legal system) if you offer to pay in the Nation’s payment method, that the Nation has decided, such as fiat notes/cash then no man or woman can be refused … it is considered as having paid, this is again Law versus legal …. and if the business man/woman does not accept the payment, they have refused payment, but they cannot take any action against you … so this is the next step if they have cashless payment written into their terms and conditions … this Law is all above ALL written documents, above Constitutions, above an Acts of Legislation etc.

So what can you do if a business flatly refuses to allow you to pay cash?   Their signs on the walls demanding digital payment are meaningless when it comes the the Law.   The answer is simple – don’t cause any fuss.   Just politely advise a staff member of your right to pay cash, leave the correct cash on the counter and walk out with the goods you have lawfully paid for.   No action can be taken against you by the business.