First Do No Harm – Vera Sharav Gives Evidence from 1915

Dolores Cahill

Vera Sharav gives evidence from 1915 of an organised Eugenics programme: Infertility by Vaccination: Sterility by Vaccination: Eugenics by Vaccination as evidenced in ‘The Poisoned Needle – Suppressed Facts about Vaccination’ a book published in 1957 by African American Physician Eleanor McBean, who wrote ‘only those who were vaccinated perished’.

Vera Sharav was a child in Auschwitz, her father did not survive, and she gave evidence on 6th March 2022 at the Grand Jury Proceeding,on similarities between the Germany era regime and the Covid era regime, “I want to address the pivotal role that eugenics, as a hierarchical, authoritarian ideology, is and it leads to genocide. That’s its endgame,” she said. Vera Sharav details the Eugenics programme (1915-1918) and parallels and compares the false narratives of ‘only those who were vaccinated perished’.

Vera Sharav testified as to what really caused the ‘Spanish flu pandemic’ and the false narrative and gives the evidence written by Dr. Eleanor McBean, ‘only those who were vaccinated perished’. Vera Sharav, “Sound familiar? When the war ended, the Rockefeller Institute sent the deadly meningitis concoction [injection/vaccine] for use in civilians in England, France, Belgium, Italy and other Western European countries. Thereby spreading the epidemic worldwide.”

Vera Sharav gives evidence of the Historical Experimentation programme initiated in 1915 by John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Alexander Graham Bell and others had a joint venture, a Eugenics programme in 28 States in the USA to reduce the population to sterilise/cause infertility/reduce the population by 10%, equivalent to 15 million and this served as a model later perpetrated in Germany.

Vera Sharav compares the false narrative and parallels of 1918 and 2019/2020 SARS-CoV2. She reads the witness testimony written by medical doctor Dr. Eleanor McBean on her first hand, eye witness account as a teenager, of her African-American medical family, where her mother and father were both medical doctor, that those United States of America men and women employed in the army and military were injected from January 1918 with experimental meningitis ‘vaccine’, the vaccinated developed what was called ‘influenza symptoms’.

Dr. Eleanor McBean detailed in her book, ‘The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts about Vaccination’ (1957) that the vaccinated got ill and had severe symptoms and all the medical physicians got sick. Her mother and father, herself and her family did not get injected and were completely well.

Dr. McBean gives evidence that the symptoms were post-injection illness, post-injection disease, injection adverse events, death by vaccine: Dr. Eleanor McBean, ‘only those who were vaccinated perished’.

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